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20 years of Cayenne

20 years of Cayenne


Porsche celebrates 20 years of Cayenne this year, with the first-generaton model having launched in December 2002. Ferry Porsche predicted it back in 1989: “If we build an off-road model according to our standards of quality, and it has a Porsche crest on the front, people will buy it.” He would go on to be proved right. Ambitions were high right from the start: Porsche was not content merely to build a sporty SUV consistent with the brand, but aimed to give the top competitors in the off-road segment, a run for their money.

Alternate body shapes to the classic five-door SUV were considered early on, including three additional variants: a coupé, a version stretched by 20 centimetres and with an additional row of seats, and a convertible. Surprisingly, what might have appeared the least conventional option, a Cayenne-based convertible approximately 4.8-metres long, was not immediately discarded, but actually built. Today, there is still a single example of the open-top Cayenne kept in storage at the Porsche Museum.

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